Friday, January 21, 2011

Previews: Deerhoof — Deerhoof vs. Evil and The Go! Team — Rolling Blackouts

Those of you who ever knew about remember it fondly, no doubt. There were a lot of great things about Lala (storing your entire music collection online for streaming anywhere, cheap album prices), but my favorite thing was the ability to listen through an album once before you bought it.

And then, like your mother chaperoning the prom, Apple came along and ruined everything. Bought Lala up, put its little head under the heel of their gray New Balance sneaks and proceeded to squish it 'til it wouldn't squish no more. Dick move, guys.

Fortunately, there are still other ways to sample a record's flavor before we plunk down an hour's wage for it. You just have to do a little more looking around than you used to. Today, I checked out two reliably awesome bands' upcoming releases: Deerhoof's Deerhoof vs. Evil and The Go! Team's Rolling Blackouts. And, as predicted, predictably awesome. Hit them up below before the streams come down.

NOTE: The Deerhoof preview begins at about 59:18 in the Henry Rollins broadcast.

(embed from Hype Machine wasn't working)

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