Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sin of Omission: David Bazan — Curse Your Branches

Oh man, people got a problem with David Bazan. They're all "Stop talking about being a Christian or not being a Christian so much," and "Why do you hate America?"

I don't really get it. Bazan is definitely unapologetic, but he's not belligerent. His songs are also deeply personal, and I guess it's kind of uncool to be earnest these days (For the record: I am not actually 50 years old, as statements like this might indicate).

I like Dave Bazan. I think he's an excellent songwriter, both on the melodic and lyrical tips. He's prickly and hilarious (like myself), and now I also know that he's a super nice/cool guy (again, like looking in some kind of magical personality mirror).

You see, I had the pleasure of seeing Bazan play a concert in someone's living room last week in Birmingham. And frankly, it was awesome. Not only did he put on a great show, but he came across like a stand-up dude. He joked around, he answered questions about songs, we talked about delicious local beers and good times were had. It was then that I picked up Curse Your Branches, and it is now that I'm telling you to do the same.

P.S. The only negative thing I can say about Branches is that it cannot hope to capture how incredible his voice actually is. It is so much more rich, powerful and just impressive than I've heard any recording convey. Bummer. But still—good record. Get it. While you're at it, get Control (Pedro the Lion) and Headphones (Headphones) too if you don't have them.

David Bazan — Curse Your Branches